Xceptional Travel

Xceptional Travel Destinations (XTD) Travel Company is owned and operated by its founders Shankara McNair and Tatonya Holman. These two travel ambassadors started XTD because they wanted to provide family and friends with affordable, attainable, luxurious travel opportunities.

Phone/Fax:  844.XTD.TRAV (983.8728)

Hours:  6pm to 10pm EST Mon – Fri

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XTD Travel Club Automatic Installment Plan Billing Setup Form

1. You must FIRST make your initial Deposit Payment using the “Make a Payment” button. Once you have completed your payment, IF you would like to setup automatic reoccurring payments to pay for your travel event/vacation package, please return to the payment page on the XTD travel club website (www.xceptionaltravel.com) and click the “I would also like to setup AUTOMATIC reoccurring-installment payments” Button. The XTD Travel Club Automatic Installment Plan Billing Setup Form will be launched for your completion and submittal.

How to Setup Your Automatic Installment Billing Plan:
1. The Maximum number of allowable reoccurring installment payments is ten (10) and is determined by the date of registration and the date due for final payment. For Example, if you are registering in March for a trip in September and the final payment is due in June, the maximum number of monthly installment payments allowable would be three (3): April, May and June.

2. The installment payments will be deducted in equal amounts from the specified credit/debit card.

3. The total number of installment months X (times) the specified installment payment amount on your “Installment Plan Billing Setup Form”, MUST equal the balance owed for your travel event/vacation package. If it does not, we will be unable to process your automatic installment billing setup request.

4. Once your automatic installment billing request has been received, a member of the XTD Travel Club staff will contact you to collect the information for the credit card/debit card that will be used to process your reoccurring installment payment against each month. As for both your protection and that of XTD Travel Club, we DO NOT allow credit/debit card information to be sent to us via email.
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