Xceptional Travel

Xceptional Travel Destinations (XTD) Travel Company is owned and operated by its founders Shankara McNair and Tatonya Holman. These two travel ambassadors started XTD because they wanted to provide family and friends with affordable, attainable, luxurious travel opportunities.

Phone/Fax:  844.XTD.TRAV (983.8728)

Hours:  6pm to 10pm EST Mon – Fri

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Travel Club Membership

Becoming an Xceptional Travel Club Member has its PERKS!

Everyone loves to save money right?  So what better way to save money by being the first to hear about our exclusive travel deals and more importantly to book your travel!

XTD Travel VIP Club members will have exclusive, no strings attached access to member-only benefits discounts. The XTD Travel VIP Club allows you to have access to amazing benefits.  You will be the first to know about our exclusive once-in-a-lifetime trips. As our Travel Club Members get exclusive access to all our posted vacation’s 48 hrs in advance of non-members!  That’s right… you get first dibs on ALL featured XTD travel Club Vacations!  As here at XTD Travel VIP Club, we are committed to providing everyone with a luxe travel experience. But as a travel club member, you get to book your luxe vacation just a little faster!

As an exclusive XTD VIP Travel Club Member, you will enjoy amazing perks! Once you join our exclusive travel club, you receive the following benefits just for joining!

  • Free Passport Holder
  • Free quarterly XTD Travologist Newsletter


There are 2 levels of membership:

  • Basic Membership (Emerald Elite XTD Travel VIP Club Members)
  • Premium Membership (Platinum Plush XTD Travel VIP Club Members)


Here is the ADDITIONAL list of benefits that the XTD Travel VIP Club Members can Expect:

Emerald Elite

Club Membership entitles members to:

  • Choice of a Travel Club Tote, T-shirt or backpack
  • 5% discount on XTD Travel Club sponsored Tours/Trips
  • Discounted admittance to XTD Travel Club Exclusive Travel Events
  • Travel Club Members have 48 hrs to exclusively view and register for all XTD Travel Club sponsored trips on the XTD Travel Club Member Facebook page.
  • 10% discount on all XTD Travel  Club Boutique Merchandise (store coming soon!!)

Platinum Plush  

XTD Travel VIP Club Platinum Plush Membership entitles members to:

  • Everything in the Platimun membership


  • (2) Travel Gift Boxes per year – packed with excellent must-have travel items, coupons/discounts, etc.
  • 10% discount on XTD Travel Club sponsored Tours/Trips instead of the 5% that Emerald Elite members receive

How much do all these goodies cost?  Well, we are glad you asked…



Campaign Name Dates Campaign Will Run Pricing
Early Bird New Member Special 10/12/2020-3/31/2021 Emerald Elite Membership: $39.00
Platinum Plush Membership: $59.00
Regular Membership 4/1/2021 onwards Emerald Elite Membership: $79.00
Platinum Plush Membership: $99.00
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